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Our expertise enables organisations to design and deliver innovative Customer Experiences.
As a result, our clients are transforming the way they engage and interact with their customers,
enhancing product and service delivery, and implementing improvements in the way they work.

Expertise and tools to help you set up for success
Innovations to solve Problems and define solutions
Expertise to evaluate and execute Technology and business operations
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
-Peter Drucker

We help organisations to get set up for CX success. Whatever the current position, we help ensure you focus on the right things, and establish the performance and governance structure that can consistently deliver and demonstrate value.


Our rapid assessment helps CX Leaders gain insight over the organizations CX capabilities in comparison to best practices and industry sectors. Quickly what to focus on for your business context, and a plan for how to get there


Our CX Governance model helps CX Leaders establish a common framework for aligning the key CX Capability areas needed to ensure success. We help you focus on the right things, and keep your finger on the CX pulse.


Organisations must deliver value and be able to demonstrate the cost, benefit and impact of the Customer Experiences they deliver.

We assist organizations in creating meaningful measurement frameworks that link CX directly to bottom line financial performance.

As a result tangible business cases for CX can be demonstrated, and CX improvements and initiatives can clearly prove the value and impact they deliver.

Brand aligned CX

Bring your brand to life consistently through the customer experiences you design. Our approach helps you quickly develop a practical way of consistently delivering Customer Experiences that reflect your brand values and provide the direction for the business

CX Performance

We focus on what we measure, so we need to ensure we measure the right things, at the right time. We help organisations gain clarity from the plethora of information, insights and data available. As a result they can establish relevant insights and meaningful performance measures that give a true indication of performance and progress

Thinking about design can be hard. But not thinking it can be disastrous

Most companies have plenty of good ideas, but they have challenges translating these ideas into reality, often battling with internal perspectives, and ways of working and thinking that limit innovation, and dilute outcomes.

Rather than focusing endlessly on insight, aligning stakeholders, and gathering requirements, we help organisations to create value quickly and define practical solutions that can be implemented.

Customer Experience design innovation

We use the latest techniques, tools and design methods to transform the way organizations approach and think about Customer experience design.

We provide rapid design sprints and larger design focused services that are the catalyst for innovation, disruptive business models, and breakthroughs in a proposition, product and service.

We combine science, design, imagineering and business solutions to provide innovations and insight for our clients


Our work provides clarity for our clients over Customer Experience and helps them understand the dependencies on the operating model that underpins it. As a result, they make informed decisions about improvements to service provision and operating practices that optimize the Customer experience.

We map and model the Customer Journey and Customer Experience in the required level of detail to facilitate the process of change and redesign. We identify improvement areas, and help our clients prioritize focus, and then work to help them redesign the way they work to deliver improvements.

The Customer Experience Ecosystem

In an increasingly complex customer environment, there may be many different aspects of B2B and B2C customer journeys that intersect in a specific context. It could involve different business partners and suppliers, a variety of employees and functions involved, across different channels, supported by different technology and operational components.

We help organizations simplify complexity, and bring innovation to the design of the evolving Customer Experience Ecosystem. As a result our clients are gaining new insights and delivering breakthroughs in both operational improvement and the Customer Experiences they deliver

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is an approach and business tool that helps organizations define, understand and improve the way the organization interacts with its customers across different parts of the customer lifecycle. It identifies touch points and aligns essential information that delivers knowledge and insight for decisions on improvement.

There are many ways to visualize a customer journey map, and they are a great way provide a view of what it is really like to be a customer. As organizations evolve their service offerings and drive for improvements in Customer experience, Customer Journey Mapping becomes an essential tool in enabling customer-centric business transformation


A CX design sprint cuts through the clutter and delivers tangible solutions in just 5 days

A CX sprint addresses is a set of activities that turn a challenge into a practical solution that the business can implement. Our approach gets to the core of what businesses need to do to improve the Customer Experience and deliver innovation which can be deployed t in a practical and valuable way for the business.

A sprint is grounded in a deep understanding of the relevant business area and is geared to produce an output that is both user-centric and quantified to understand the tangible business impact.

It is a five-day process that greatly accelerates the CX Design process and builds consensus quickly. As a result workable prototypes can be developed and can be tested with real users and developed into a finalized solution


Pragmatic help to rapidly define Customer Personas that can be used to provide insight, and a common reference point for CX Design

The benefits of improved customer experience can be fleeting unless changes to supporting backend operations are made as well
-McKinsey & Company

Our expertise enables organisations to define the operational requirements needed to underpin delivery, and then execute in the best way. We provide expertise, tools and guidance to help our clients enable the improvements in a sustainable way.

Technology for CX

We help organizations evaluate technology in both the business context, and in supporting Customer Experience delivery. The challenge for many is investing in the right capabilities, and to execute them in a way that optimises the benefits and value delivered.

We advise on technology, data and automation, evaluate vendors and solutions, and demonstrate how to get the best returns from investments.

Target Operating Models

Kynsale has extensive experience in enterprise architecture and business redesign. We work with clients to define target-operating models that provide an operational blueprint that supports the future way of working.

Our Target Operating Model approach defines future business operations, capabilities, processes, systems, and people that are needed. These blueprints are aligned to transition strategies that enable the business to prepare and move forward, adapting the business model as required through each phase of change.

Operating Model Development

Operating model development should not solely be the responsibility of IT or Enterprise architects. Effective Customer Experience design has to align with an understanding of how the organization actually works. We work with our clients to help them leverage existing knowledge and enhance it in a usable framework to make informed decisions about customer-oriented business change.

Our approach links customer experience activity with the way the organization operates, providing clarity over business processes, technology and enterprise architectures, data, content and information resources, people, roles and structure etc

Customer Oriented Architecture

We enable the elaboration of existing Business architecture and Enterprise architecture approaches to include the Customer Environment. We ensure the alignment of all the facets of Customer Experience with the strategic objectives, tactical demands, business model and operational capability of the organization.

It can provide a common reference point for understanding how the organization underpins CX delivery and provides the critical bridge between technology and its utilization in both the Customer and Business context.

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